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Protection Services

Within our community it is important that we are at all times proactive and remain in-line with devlopments within the industry, thus a large portion of what we do is aimed at providing staff, students and visitors alike with relevant information to ensure that they are aware of the constant threats and risks. Part of this process is our link with and continued relationship with the local, specialized and investigational branches of the SAPS. We also strive towards a system that allows and recognizes the importance of inclusion and the contribution of all stake-holders when providing a safe and secure environment. We thus make use of projects such as:

  • The monthly CRIME BLOCK report
  • Anonymous crime tip or whistle blower caller line
  • Upgrading of the traffic management and teh inclusion of an electronic incident register
  • Annual roll-out of the crime prevention plan to improve technological solutions
  • Crime Awareness and prevention drives through various means of circulation and intervention with our total client base